Just The Tip (Tipping Calculator)
This was my first android app. It's a simple tip calculator, but has some unique features that help it stand out from the thousands of other similar apps. It was designed with aesthetics, usability, and humor in mind.
Just Ratios (Financial Ratios)
I made this app to help me review financial ratios for my day job. It was also the first time I used Android's SQLite implementation. It calculates a set of financial ratios for a company, and lets you compare ratios of different companies.
Just Retire (Retirement Calc)
I made this to help me get an idea of how much I should save for retirement every month. I don't like the idea of 401(k)'s and IRA's, so wanted an app to calculate retirement savings without these investment vehicules. Basically, it is a streamlined version of an Excel document I was originally using for this.