Disclaimer: The thing with programming tutorials is that they're hard to keep up to date. API's get updated, software gets patched, and internet links change. Please keep that in mind when you're going through these, and let me know if you find anything you think is out of date.
Disclaimer 2: I'm not a great programmer. That doesn't mean you can't learn something from me, and I might even be a better teacher than other, better programmers out there. But that's something you should know when reading these tutorials. If you see any mistakes or even sub-optimizations, please let me know so I can correct them.
If this is the first time you've written code for Android, you may need to go through this tutorial before doing any of the other Android tutorials on this site.
difficulty: novice
This tutorial will go through creating a simple Android app from planning to deployment. You don't need to know anything about Java or programming.
difficulty: novice