Android Development Setup
Last updated: 4/2/2013
This quick* tutorial will get you set up for Android development so you can do the other Android tutorials on this site. There are a few things you need to write Android apps:

The Java Development Kit (JDK)

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Eclipse IDE

The JDK allows us to write Java, the Android SDK provides libraries for Android, and Eclipse is the IDE we'll be writing code in.
We go over how to install and set up the JDK.
We go over how to install and set up the SDK.
We go over how to install and set up Eclipse.
IDE: An integrated development environment is a program that coders write code in. It's kind of like a word processor, but tailored to make coding easier.
JDK: The Java Development Kit is the SDK (see below) for the Java platform.
Library: A library is basically a bunch of code other people wrote and packaged neatly together for you to use.
SDK: A software development kit is a set of tools that allows a user to develop for a particular platform.